Covid Morning Stats April 04

Yesterday’s progres­sion of Covid19 in Germany: new cases (light blue), all cases (dark blue), deaths (black), and [NEW] trend of the Basic repro­duc­tion number R₀ (reported by RKI)

Covid19 situa­tion in Berlin, April 4: reco­vered (green), quaran­tine (blue), hospital (orange), ICU (yellow), deaths (black)

Covid19 Table GER and BER April 4


2 Kommentare

  1. Rico

    Hi there :-) I saw the red label of tren­ding R0. It says 1.0 … curr­ently the tables show a 1.2 for R0. Is this just a Typo?

    • Jürgen Siebert

      The Growth Rates in the table are not iden­tical to R₀ (you’ll find their defi­ni­tion in the header of the table). It is nearly impos­sible for a layperson to calcu­late the R₀, because you need statis­tical figures about the distancing beha­vior of the people. My current R₀ is based on the infor­ma­tions of Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

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